Wave Design Stainless Steel Cherry and Opal ring

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We hand craft our wood inlay rings using high quality metal ring blanks, exotic woods and high grade precious and semi precious stones.

This beautiful ring is made of an 8mm wide Stainless Steel blank, Cherry Wood and Olive Opal.  To craft this ring we size, cut and steam the wood. Once the wood is bendable from the steam, we wrap the wood around a dowel in the bent wood fashion to train it into ring shape. We then insert and wrap the wood within the ring channel and stabilize and adhere it with adhesive before etching and engraving the Wave and flowy design. We then hand pick, place and adhere each piece of olive opal. The ring is then carefully lathed, sanded, finished and polished. It takes a while, but we love doing it.

Materials: stainless steel, Cherry Wood, Olive Opal

Size: 10.5

Ring width: 8mm (average size of men’s wedding band